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Chris Christie may be a scoundrel but he’s a talented and appealing politician who could have won national office.  So naturally I’m relieved that he’s enmeshed in a colossal scandal.

For a day or two I could watch the wall-to-wall MSNBC coverage with new details exposed in each segment and interviews with the key players in the upcoming investigative hearings in New Jersey.

Governor Christie was the republican I most feared but not anymore.  Now there’s a better chance than ever that they’ll nominate an “out-of-the-mainstream” candidate for president.

Democrats may be gleeful about the potential Christie collapse but it’s a shallow and familiar feeling.  We’ve been getting most of our satisfaction during the “Obama Years” deriding conservative extremists (and alleged “moderates” like the New Jersey governor).  The 2012 republican presidential debates were the high point.

We seethe with contempt for our adversaries and gain vindication when they fail.  But watching Christie go down won’t compensate for Barack Obama’s lack of accomplishments on immigration, gun control, climate change and economic equality (just to name a few).

We’ll continue to ruminate and argue over why President Obama couldn’t out-duel those determined to destroy him (was it inexperience, incompetence, expedience or temperament?).

This year, democrats will be trying to survive the midterm election, settling for a “hold” in house and senate seats.  The real action will be in various progressive campaigns in many cities and states.

Then we’ll start the 2016 primary season.

I’m with Hillary because I believe she can beat any republican (I’m not sure Elizabeth Warren could) and would enter the white house prepared for war with her political opponents.

That’s the reality of American politics and I’m glad Christie – at least for now – is out of the game.

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  1. Bill Thomas says:


    Mark my words– Up With Steve Kornacki’s reporting on MSNBC this weekend on the City of Hoboken being refused Hurricane Sandy relief funds because their mayor wouldn’t play footsie with developers represented by David Samson marks the beginning of the end for the Chris Christie administration. This isn’t just about traffic jams, this is about political hardball, New Jersey style.

  2. nodrama says:

    Bill I agree with you. Lou, there is no duel when the opposition refuses to play. When the Senate makes everything require a super majority vote and the Republican House majority votes as a block just because they can, there is no duel. It may have helped if the legislators on the Democratic side had been more verbally aggressive there may have been a greater ability to achieve. But the Republican’s turned on their own ideas as soon as the President accepted them. There is no “winning” that game. It’s a deliberate destruction and delaying of the American American dream. It had nothing to do with inexperience, incompetence, expedience or temperament. In fact the difficulty in the beginning was as much a result of our lack of involvement as anything.

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