Oh Henry!

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What Henry Waxman figured out
Was how to have a lot of clout
Raising funds from Westside Jews
The question was how best to use

A seat in Congress all his own
Though many there were better known
He understood right off the bat
How influence took more than that

With friend and colleague Howard Berman
A mastermind who would determine
That elections can be won or lost
But always smart to pay the cost

Of sending mailings out to voters
Reminding them of office holders
Whose point of view they share most often
Even though it may well soften

Slate Cards they’re called, we now know well
But years ago they rang the bell
Howard’s brother behind the scenes
Managing all the ways and means

A “machine” they said would run so smooth
For many years no one could move
Henry, Howard, other dems
Elected with a liberal lens

Yes Henry took on big tobacco
And showed us how George Bush was wacko
But then some changes came to town
Redistricting took Howard down

And now our Henry plans to go
But thanks for all you’ve done to show
The way for us to win a fight
Is battle on with all our might.

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  1. Christina says:

    Lou, one of your best ever! Smart and clever. Love it. Thanks for all the reminders! Christina

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