Dear Gov. Perry

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Dear Gov. Perry:

We know how much you enjoy visiting California and using your considerable charm and wit to persuade owners to move their companies to Texas.

Behind closed doors I bet you let your hair down with some well-rehearsed and derisive talking points about the California Air Resources Board, CalOSHA, our workers comp system and those pesky unions and community groups always looking for a chance to “shake down” business.

As a down-home, back-slapping sort of guy, I suspect that now and then you’ll let slip an innuendo to reveal your feelings about big-government liberals and their allies.  But I’m sure that when you’re here, you’re careful not to openly disparage Californians.

(Publically, you’ll cloak your message – “Texas’ low taxes, predictable regulations, fair courts and world-class workforce make our state the ideal place for any business looking to relocate or expand” – but you can’t fool us).

You’ll soon be finishing your 14-year run as governor, succeeding George Bush when he became president and winning three elections yourself.

If you choose to seek the 2016 republican nomination for the white house, send me a fundraising letter. You’d be the perfect candidate, in my mind, to represent your party.

As for your successor in Texas, I understand there’s no shoe-in this time.  An upstart state senator appears to be running strong.  I know she’s not your type of politician but I’ll tell you this:

If Wendy Davis wins, we’ll certainly welcome her to California and she won’t have to slip in the back door.

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  1. Martin Jay says:

    The demographic mix is changing in Texas very rapidly.

    It could turn Texas to blue – possibly this election – if not – the future is blue for Texas.
    Georgia – as well

    The south shall rise again – but not in the way Governor Perry wants it to!

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