Five Years a Blogger

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I knew – when I began posting in May, 2009 – I was making a long-term commitment.  Along the way, friends would ask about starting their own blog, and I’d usually give the same advice: do it regularly; it doesn’t have to be everyday; but there has to be some consistency.

Many bloggers get restless, particularly if traffic to their site remains static.  I’m no expert on “search engine optimization” but I suspect Google “knows” when you’re just dipping your toes; readers will likely be referred your way if you produce enough content and provoke at least a few comments from time to time.

A few more thoughts:

Though I like to write in a casual and conversational “voice,” I’ve tried to avoid crossing into self-indulgence.  A “self-disclosive” style works to a point.  But, in the age of  Instagram and “selfies,” I recommend maintaining some zone of privacy.

Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take chances.

My blog has evolved from mostly political commentary– my principal focus early on was Obama and the Left – to more free-style ruminations.

I sometimes worry that my poems are juvenile, my personal reflections – meant to be ironic – are taken literally and my observations and conclusions are shallow.

Certainly, over time, your posts will reflect what you’re thinking at a particular phase of life.  It should be apparent that this blogger, for example, is less interested these days in parsing out the particulars of national politics and policy.  I’m spending less time with American Prospect, Salon and Truthdig and more catching up on contemporary literary fiction.

Riding out the Obama era, I admit, without the stamina to itemize every disappointment, frustration and republican outrage.

And that’s the bloggers’ fortune and fate.  This is what’s happening with me now, I’ll confess, but please be easy on me. After all, I’ve taken you into my confidence.

We bloggers deserve at least some consideration for the risks we take.

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  1. Steve Weingarten says:

    I look forward to your posts when I see the email tease. Keep on, Labor Lou.

  2. this blog posting is meta-blogging: blogging about blogging

    if you ever renew any of your abandoned book projects and seek a publisher, you will find your blog will have served a purpose you may never have fathomed, as publishers now expect prospective authors to already have created a “platform,” a devoted audience awaiting the blogger’s books

  3. Tom Mackell, Jr. says:

    Keep on truckin’ Lou……

  4. Don Gauthier says:

    Congrats, Lou.
    I look forward to your blog and reading
    what you have to say about politics, life,
    and the present state of things.
    Here’s to five more years!

  5. I have read and re-posted many of your blogs because they do bridge the generations. I see things from the Christian left which combined with many disappointments and omissions regarding the Labor movement during the Obama presidency make it difficult to plug on. I hope and trust you will be faithful to Labor as you always have, and all of us together will make it to better times, as I always thought the Obama Presidency promised. Keep the faith.

  6. Ethel says:

    This is the first time I am sending you a comment on your “blog” page rather than just a brief e-mail. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on what blogging (is there such a word?) is all about. The only other comment page on which I have written is because the gal that runs it has the same health concerns that I do and so does everyone who responds. I think I would have to be a little braver to write a blog. I think it takes courage to face the possible “comments”. Good for you, Lou.

  7. Joseph Gainza says:

    You have been faithful to your blog as you have been faithful to your friends. You are honest with your friends and with your readers. That in itself is an outstanding achievement. Keep on keeping on my friend.

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