Obama’s Final Two Years

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Remember how it felt with two years left in the Bush Administration?

Pummeled by six years of Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld, we knew a month before the 2006 election that the electorate was shifting our way and that Congress would flip to the Democrats. Speaker Pelosi and then the Presidency!

But the elation passed with Barack Obama’s shaky start and the loss of the House in 2010. Lots of discussion on who to blame: an inept president, a malicious opposition, an omnipotent elite?

Relieved and reprieved when we won in ’12, we didn’t have to tolerate a Romney White House. But a Republican Senate now seems likely.

Let’s face it, with two years left in the Obama Administration, spirits aren’t high.

How do we reconcile the past six years?

It’s complicated and confusing:

Lots of frustration, disappointment and doubt mixed with important progress on – among other things – health care, climate change and gay rights.

I want to believe that Barack Obama’s election and re-election point to a fundamental shift in American values and that the “Obama era” will be considered “transformative.” His adversaries blamed for being mean, extreme and obstructive.  A political realignment which enables meaningful change.

Hard to imagine under current circumstances.

Great if we could hold the Senate but – if not – brace yourself for the mischief of a Republican Congress and their devious plan to win the White House in ’16.

Then get ready boys and girls. Our best hope may be the next President Clinton.

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  1. Don West says:

    What he migth have speculated instead that they may be his best years of all when the world is on the verge of collapse and his will be the wisdom to steer us through.

  2. Ms. Wanda says:

    Great article Lou!
    Let’s hope we hold on to Congress & double

  3. Buddyg says:

    Thanks, Lou, for this summation. It’s disheartening to compare our 2008 hopes with the 2014 reality and prospects, including what appears to be most likely: a Hilary Clinton presidency. And if not HRC, a much worse Republican. These are dismal choices between corporate captives (or perhaps someone totally opposed to govt spending. We have to figure out how to do better.

  4. Rod Bradley says:

    God forbid, another Clinton. I can’t understand how you could embrace such a hawkish corporatist completely smoke and mirrors as both the Clinton’s are.

    The absolute worst thing that has happened to the democratic party — and if you look at what Bill Clinton did in promoting the enrichment of the rich and the impoverishment of the poor, he is on a par with the worst of the worst. And Hillary would do the same only more so.

    I challenge you or anyone to name anything lasting and of significance the Clinton’s have done for the country in terms of the little guy — or for restoring a sense of fairness and opportunity for all. (I’m not talking about window dressing or their phony rich Clinton initiative or their phony talk. Which if you buy it, well, you buy it.)

    Thank god, I say, that Hillary does not have Bill’s sleazy charm. (I say, this, by the way, as someone who actually worked on his initial campaign — when I took was a victim of it. I woke up quickly.)

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