Warren or Sanders?

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I won’t be complaining about Barack Obama over the next two years. 

Or spending a lot of time on what he should or shouldn’t do. 

I’m certainly happy about his executive action on immigration. But I’m sure that very soon he’ll do something I won’t like. Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself. 

I will ruminate from time to time about the choices progressive democrats have going forward, including who we’ll support for president. 

And I’ll tell you one thing I know: it’s going to be a woman. 

Democrats will not throw Hillary overboard for a male candidate. So it’s either going to be Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. 

Forget Bernie Sanders. 

He’s great but ask Vermont progressives off the record if the left wing of the democratic party should encourage him to run. You’ll get a very mixed response. Then think about the risk of challenging Hillary Clinton from the left with someone who won’t be nominated. 

With Warren as a serious contender in the primaries, however, progressive democrats will be forced to face the possibility of a likely Clinton white house over a less likely – but much more exhilarating – prospect that our first woman president will be brilliant and  truly progressive. 

I don’t want Sanders splitting off support from Warren. 

So let’s clear the field for the two-woman race for the future of our party and country. 

And, if you must know, right now I’m going with the Massachusetts Senator.

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  1. Bill Thomas says:

    Lou, well thought out as always. As much as I love and respect Bernie Sanders, I think the ticket that excites me for 2016 is Clinton/Warren.

  2. Greg Guma says:

    Thanks, Lou. Enjoy your work. And I know well what you mean. But to me it seems pretty definite that Warren is NOT running, especially not after getting a new leadership position. And meanwhile, Bernie has no reason to stop running until the convention — no matter if he can’t win. Just keep running, but NOT as an independent after the convention. That is his implicit “contract” with the media and political gatekeepers who see the value of having an opponent who can’t win. A sparring partner who prepares Hillary and, in exchange, can exert so me influence on the discussion. Debs without going to jail.

  3. Rod Bradley says:

    There is no way in hell Hillary Clinton would accept Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. And no way Elizabeth Warren would want to tolerate the sleazy ethics of Hillary Clinton.

    And the conflict of ambition would be so obviously at odds: Hillary being the all consumed and consuming narcissist whose ambition is for herself, and Warren whose ambition is driven by outrage and a genuine sense of using power on behalf of ordinary people.

    And sad to say, even if there were two viable female candidates, a ticket that was all woman would be political suicide.

    But I am glad to see you see the reality of Elizabeth Warren
    and are nodding in her direction.

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