Bernie’s Organizers / Hillary’s Operatives

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The left wing of the democratic party knows that corporate power must be challenged forcefully and directly. Many of Bernie’s activists have decades of experience fighting capital and financial elites.

Everyone in the American Labor Movement knows that if your plan is to appeal to employer benevolence, you’ll be crushed. Bernie’s union supporters have firsthand experience battling companies engaged in brutal and malicious union-busting campaigns. The way you get a deal (and survive) is to up the ante. Let them know that you’re willing to do as much damage and destruction to them as they’ll do to you.

Bernie’s campaign speaks to this strategy. A Sanders Administration will not dismantle capitalism but could redraw the lines. Many of Bernie’s activists – labor, environmental, immigrant rights – know how to organize in the streets and in the political sphere. They may be a bit strident and ideological but they know it’s a war.

Hillary Clinton is not naive about power relations. But she’s too cozy with the bosses and, at best, would be a pest to corporate capital. After all, her starting point is to “incentivise” good behavior by billionaire elites. As if that would work.

Nevertheless, Hillary’s campaign has some very savvy and sophisticated operatives – liberal and progressive to be sure – and she would likely be more clever and appropriately ruthless than Obama has been with our political opponents.

But she’s too damn accommodating to global capital. Meeting them halfway on their turf is already giving away too much.

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  1. Jon W says:

    In 28 years Sanders has only passed ONE bill he authored that was not about naming a VT post office. On the hill Sanders has a reputation for being abusive to his own staff and an arrogant A-hole who holds long petty grudges against members of both parties which is why he is one of the most ineffective members of the Senate. Sanders talk may be revolutionary but his lack of ability to govern would mean nothing gets done and the status quo is perpetuated.

  2. John Connolly says:

    1,600,00 supporters signed-up on line.
    200,000 supporters already actively campaigning.
    1,300,000 individual small donor contributions.
    $40,000,000 in small donor contributions.
    $0 Super-Pac dough.
    500,000 + Americans at public meetings.
    200,000+ Members of National Nurses United endorsements.
    75,000+ Members of Labor for Bernie.
    26,000+ Labor for Bernie activists on 1 TeleConference Call last week.

    Feelin’ the Bern.

    Sounds like Bernie’s dead-in-the-water and nobody likes him.

    Maybe INSIDE the Beltway.

    While the Rancid Republicans play out their 19th Century Whig & Tory Ugly Pony Show in the Know-Nothing & Copperhead divisions; and Hilary finally gets a break, returns to her senses, and snaps out a Benghazi Bite-Back; and Genial Joe does the Hamlet-o-Rama Tubbee-or-Not-Tubee routine … Senator Sanders has been having a Conversation with America, determined to find the Adults in the Room, and sparking a revival of our nation’s long-suppressed Revolutionary Heritage of Justice-Seeking Struggle.

    Is he Perfect? Hell No.

    Does that Matter? Hell No.

    Can he win? Hell Yes.

    WILL he win? That’s up to Us.

    The Sanders Campaign is the first real Life-Sized Electoral Lever of Power placed at the disposal of the Working & Middle Classes, People of Color, and Women since the organizing of the CIO, Eugene Debs 1912 “Red Special” Campaign, or maybe the Civil War.

    This Brave Curmudgeonly/Grandfatherly, Crusty, Flinty, Joyful, Blunt-Force-Object US Senator from Brooklyn, Vermont, has single-handedly rescued the very word and notion of Socialism from the spittle-tongued slander of Rightist insult, and the disgusting cretinist degradation of Stalinist perversion.

    Okay. Not single-handedly. We also have Kshama Sawant to thank.

    And it seems like Jeremy Corbyn and British Labour may have caught the fever and are Feelin’ the Bern too.

    In a practical sense the odds are of course stacked against Sanders.

    Does the Democratic party want to have anything to do with him (except for his reliable Rescue Vote in the Senate)? Hell No.

    Are the major media bending every effort to damn him with the faintest of praise and maximum condescension. Hell Yes.

    If Bernie gets anywhere near the Dem nomination will the Powers-What-Is go nuts and wage all-out class war. Hell. Yes.

    Does any other candidate — Dem or Republican — have as fully articulated and broad political program as Bernie? Hell No.

    Did any of the Bosses see him coming? Hell No.

    Neither did we.

    So it’s a Phenomena.

    So Roll with it. Join up. We can win.

    Feel the Bern.

    John Connolly

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