What Hillary Wants Us to Know

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Hillary Clinton wants us to know that she won’t make the same mistake as Barack Obama, who insisted on talking about cooperation and conciliation with Republicans while they did all they could to insult, disparage and destroy him. As they see it, that behavior paid off. They took back Congress and have the majority of Governors.

Hillary can’t always spell it out, but she alludes to the malicious and disgraceful treatment of President Obama (and her husband).

It’s not their disagreement with us that makes Republicans our enemies. It’s their despicable lies and devious methods. Joe Biden (where has he been!) doesn’t get that, and for that reason alone I’m glad he’s out of the race.

Clinton is appealing in other ways, too. She’s doing a good job already in pointing out Republican “big government” hypocrisy and Donald Trump’s insanity.

Hillary also wants us to know that though she’s not as “left” as Bernie Sanders (are you?) she does get that wealth and income inequality are the central issues of this campaign.

Bernie’s a great candidate, but over the past couple of weeks Hillary has put back in play among progressives the question of who is best equipped to beat a formidable and ruthless enemy.

And then know what to do after you win.

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  1. Rey says:

    That sounds good about Hillary, yet it sounds like a new line, newly written. So one like myself must question the timing and the sincerity. If she had someone like Bernie on her side perhaps I could entertain the idea of her actually taking swings. Yet, I feel like when the time comes we will get well crafted reason after reason as to why big swings and strong stances were not taken. At least Bernie, fail or succeed…I believe he will swing. I think that is what Americans want to see…some one truly going toe to toe and outing in big NEON framing these bought out Congress heads. Let’s at least get the picture immensely clear and thoroughly communicated to Americans on who needs to go, and who is waiting in the wings to support a President like Bernie Sanders…this is STEP ONE!

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