Democrats Dilemma

Posted on November 1, 2015 by

Even those of us who admire and respect Barack Obama know we need something different in our next Democratic president.

Yes, he kept the Republicans out of the White House, made some very good and important judicial and executive appointments and tilted national policy on climate change, health care, gay rights and immigration.

But Obama could not shift the national debate or prevent his opponents from winning back congress or the majority of governorships.

For many progressive democrats, the way this president exercised power was frustrating, even maddening. Conciliatory and compromising in the face of a ruthless and malicious opposition.

We have two choices.

We may not like or trust Hillary Clinton but we suspect that she understands – and knows how to use – power. The way she handled the debate and the Benghazi hearing affirmed that.

Yet it was Bernie Sanders who lifted our malaise. A candidate and possible president who would take it right to the business and financial elites, not someone inclined to give away the store.

Sanders was great in forcing Clinton to the left, making it easier for some of us to drift back toward her. But to stay competitive, Bernie must now go on the attack and question her sincerity and integrity.

It will get personal. But don’t worry about it. Compared to what her real “enemies” would do, it’ll be just a friendly rivalry. If Bernie can’t move her out of the way, he’ll at least toughen her up for the general election.

Either way, we’ll have someone hardcore at the top of the ticket.

We hope.

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  1. Levie Isaacks says:

    My fear is that Hillary is too close to Wall Street much like Obama. Money talks. No one was ever punished for wrongdoing and i believe it will lead to another outburst of casino capitalism and greed Even so I will support her and prefer Bernie but doubt his ability to be elected ultimately. The alternative is much, much, worse.

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