Whats Missing from Dems Debate

Posted on November 16, 2015 by

Preventing corporations, financial institutions, commercial banks, hedge funds, billionaires and millionaires from dodging taxes and paying their fair share is the big theme among democrats.

The elites have too much power and had better watch out. We’re even ready to break up the banks, says Bernie. How cool is that?

But there’s something missing from this drumbeat to take back the country. When our candidates talk about bringing balance to the economy, it’s raising the minimum wage, training the workforce, and closing corporate loopholes. All commendable.

What I don’t hear from our democratic allies is that government (local, state and federal) cannot close the income and wealth gap by collecting taxes and setting entry level wage rates.

That only happens when workers organize their employers.

I know that’s a very quaint idea these days. With declining private-sector unions, who’s there to lead the struggle against the bosses?

Once up a time, unions could challenge employers at the workplace and force companies and industries to give up some of their profits.

Isn’t the disappearance of unions (and the consequence of that) worth at least one question at the next democratic presidential debate?

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  1. I agree but unions need to move from their Provençal attitudes and move to a bigger platform where locals band together in a more unified effort. That is what the corporations have done. They want to fracture us in our present existence, they win that way.

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